All Eed out

I have now done E3. Yes, all three of those Ees have been Eed. It was more of a slog than I remember from previous years; I think old age is beginning to catch up with me.

I think my E3 karma is perfectly encapsulated by the way I got back to my hotel room last night, pleased to finally be done with the show and free to play more of the copy of Ocarina of Time 3D that I’d been toting around all week but unable to touch. And then, I sliced my left thumb nearly to the bone with a paring knife while cutting a mango, which set me to bleeding profusely and unable to touch a controller for the next day or two while it heals. Awesome.

While they’re still fresh in my memory, a few more articles I’ve posted from the show:

I’ve noticed that people are taking some of the “postcard” entries a lot more on their face value than I really mean for them to. I don’t know if it’s because I’m being too dry with my facetiousness or if readers just don’t expect a tongue-in-cheek tone in the midst of the news section.

Disappointing as the reality of Snake Eater 3D is, I found the opposite to be true for its counterpart Peace Walker HD. The game converts to PSP quite nicely! Although some horrible monster set the demo’s default camera movement to “normal,” which is of course “the reverse of the way it should be.” Inverted for life, yo.

I’ve also written a couple of other things that can’t be read because either they weren’t supposed to have been published yet (oops) or because 1UP is occasionally a persnickety bastard of a website that refuses to do our bidding. Alas, you’ll just have to live without my all-important impressions of Kirby Wii. I hope you manage, somehow.

6 thoughts on “All Eed out

  1. I never did get the Mario Kart Wii hate. The game is fantastic, aside from stupid balance issues (never a strong suit of Mario Kart). It definitely has the best racing mechanics of any Mario Kart to date, as long as you like the bikes.

    Multiplayer is awful, though.

    Maybe I’m strange, though. I love all of the Mario Kart games, and can play them all now precisely because of how different they fee. Only Mario Kart DS feels stale, go figure. Bring on MK3DS!

  2. Inverted 4 lyfe.

    Drove me nuts when I played RE: Mercenaries at PAX East and I couldn’t change the look to invert. NUTS, I tell you!

  3. I for one appreciate your dry sense of humour, so please don’t hold back on account of the daft mainstream.

    Oh, and Kirby Wii? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. The world (arguably) needs more Kirby. Same with Blue Skies. Definitely can’t get enough of that.

    • What we need is another Canvas Curse! I still say it’s the best game on the DS, pity we have so few games with that mechanic.

      Epic Yarn was boring. Blech.

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