20 thoughts on “The adventure continues

  1. Well, I bought one. Ray Barnholt’s SCROLL magazine really shows how nice this MagCloud service is. The paper quality is incredible.

    Look forward to seeing what comes of this. I wish you guys the best luck.

  2. Mr. Parish,

    Is this new venture available for international shipping? I’m at work now and can’t fully access 1UP, so I thought I’d ask here. From the little Ive seen this looks to be a very cool project. It’d be peaches if I could get my hands on one out here in South Korea.

  3. awesome. Awesome! Can’t wait to get a copy. Once the looming Canada Post strike is settled, that is :/

  4. They do ship Internationally, its $13.50 flat rate for up to 5 magazines. Expensive? Yes, you’ll have to decide if its worth it yourself!

  5. I saw this earlier today and immediately ordered my copy. After reading through the article titles and the names of the authors I was doubly certain I’d made the right choice.

  6. I’m pretty excited about this!

    I’m pretty also excited about Metroid: Other M being in it! One: because I want more people to blab about that game. Two: because it suggests to me that subjects for the magazine are not determined solely by their timeliness.

  7. Very cool! I’d love to throw my money at this but I’m not sure I’m up for what seems/appears to be half a magazine of Other M hatred. Think I’ve had my fill of that on message boards the last few months.

    That said, this is still a great idea and it looks very nice.

      • Ha, see, now you have me wondering exactly what’s written in there and now it’s on my “probably going to hit the buy button” list.

  8. I ordered mine! The comments underneath it on 1up are quite the cesspool… makes me sad. Print is super awesome, and will never die!!!

  9. Yeah, I have often wondered why Mr. Parish didn’t sort of merge gamespite into his professional endeavours, but seeing the comments at 1Up, I am grateful he hasn’t.

  10. Nice, will have to check the international shipping; if it’s only in bulk, might have to wait for a couple of issues to come out and order them in one hit.

    But then again, there’s that Saturn special in there, and I’m a sucker for anything to do with the Saturn…

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