GSQ8: Wild, pure, simple life

Hi, everyone. It’s time for me to get back into the daily update routine. The past week has been pretty crazy for me, what with my Secret 1UP Project and all, but that is in its final stages and things should be settling down somewhat. I should even have enough energy soon to write stuff here that isn’t just regurgitated content from GameSpite Quarterly! That’s exciting.

Tonight, however, we have a very intriguing article from GSQ8 about cult classic (?) Tail of the Sun, which is one of those games I’ve always been fascinated by but have never taken the time to explore. I was happy when our new German correspondent Thomas Nickel volunteered to write about it, because it’s exactly the sort of quirky little niche title that made the PlayStation so wonderful. I would very much like for this one to show up on the PSN store at some point, because it seems like the sort of thing I would enjoy putting on my PSP and using to drift off to sleep at night. That is not a knock on the game! I am saying it sounds relaxing, not boring.

Thomas is my new favorite person because he is also responsible for an article in Germany’s M! Games magazine which talks about how awesome GameSpite Quarterly is. I’m actually somewhat embarrassed by how positive a light it shines on me, but it draws attention to the work everyone is doing here, and that’s awesome. Check it out sometime… you know, if you happen to be hunting for magazines in Germany sometime within the next week or two.

3 thoughts on “GSQ8: Wild, pure, simple life

  1. Hairy Anime-Eyed Cavewomen.

    Seems like 30 kinds of awesome to me.

  2. In terms of carefree, relaxing games, I found Tail of the Sun to be up there with the birdman stages in Pilotwings 64. The night sky effects are beautifully whimsical, and the fun touches like the munching sound the caveman makes when eating something are among the many charms this game has.

    It looks like the Japanese PSN has it available to download too, so here’s hoping Sony gets approval from the government to resume service before long.

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