GSQ8: Suikogaiden

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here is a Suikoden sidebar called “Shame, American Style.” The more important thing, however, is the fact that shortly after the Suikoden feature went up last night, Nich launched his Suikoden II Let’s Play in earnest. You should bookmark this one. It’s the adventures of the legendary hero Le☆pard. It’s gonna be important.

5 thoughts on “GSQ8: Suikogaiden

  1. I actually googled “suikoden ugly art” about a month ago. It’s still in my recent search history. I guess it just shows that Jeremy knows exactly what I want to read about. What’s up with the dude riding the dragon — where did his torso go??

  2. Think Konami Europe had more sense and kept the japanese cover if I remember correctly. I have to say some of the box art of the american games was truly appalling. Despite getting inferior versions of the final fantasy games at least we got classy box art of just the logo on a white background. The US art of the CGI characters just looked so tacky.

  3. In describing the american cover art, I can’t believe you didn’t mention screamy skull guy.

  4. I’m feeling totally blind or something–shouldn’t the bad box art in question be posted on this page? Maybe it just doesn’t show up in Safari?

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