GSQ8: Please do not read this article at work.

Marc Host’s excellent feature “Rated M for ‘Mature’” from GameSpite Quarterly 8 is available and ready to be read! Which you should do, because it’s a great piece. However, you should not do so if you are around employers or overly sensitive friends or family members, because the article text delves into the strong sexual undercurrent — well, current —  of PlayStation advertising. The words are intelligent, but the visuals are, well, examples of the material the article decries. It is ever the conundrum of criticizing questionable content; if you want people to properly understand what you’re critiquing, you have to stoop to that level.

Let us gutter-wallow together.

2 thoughts on “GSQ8: Please do not read this article at work.

  1. Hey, this was an excellent and weirdly nostalgic article.

    Huge GS fan, and I’m not normally the type to be a dick and point out typos, but Ottawa is spelled wrong in the opening to the article. Considering it’s the capital city of my country, I feel like it’s worth pointing out.

    Otherwise, please do keep up the awesome. I’m a daily reader, and recently began playing the Mega Man X series because of the recent Retronauts.

    • I was actually referring to the hometown of Evil Otto from Berzerk, though I can understand the confusion.


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