GSQ8: In the interstices

It’s been a pretty nutty day today. On the other hand, at least there have been some reassuring constants to lean on, such as the unanimous impact of this merger being to draw the Internet out of its woodwork to opine on how terrible both 1UP and IGN are. It’s so uplifting to know that so many of us poor [dur, I mean “pour”] our effort into creating content that’s execrable at best.

But anyway, here is the next chapter of GameSpite Quarterly 8, posted online so that the Internet may someday talk about how terrible GameSpite is once it, too, is acquired in a vast corporate merger.

15 thoughts on “GSQ8: In the interstices

  1. I love GSQ, Gamespite, and still regularly check 1UP and only 1UP for everything regarding games due to you guys.

    I figure your post isn’t begging for sympathy or anything but I don’t care. Fuck the internet. Like anything else, they complain about change. The UGO acquisition changed the content you output in some respects, but the quality of the special articles and whatnot have gotten better in my opinion. Retronauts, somehow, has gotten even better than it was before. I was sad to see Frank and everyone else go when they did, but those who remained are awesome. I hate it when people go on news stories like that and just crap all over everyone. I for one appreciate your work, and everyone else’s there. The news posts have been well written, the special articles have been fantastic (I ended up not getting into Tactics Ogre too much but that article you wrote a few months back was great, to call one out). I’ve enjoyed your and Sam’s takes on Nintendo’s upcoming console, and the reviews have been spot on (I’ve bought a lot of games this year, and I’ve pretty much agreed with all of them).

    I know you will likely tell me to relax and that you’re fine, but all you guys are doing great and I hope you can keep it up despite the stupid Internet.

    • Yeah… thanks, but relax, I’m fine. The faceless negativity rolls off my back these days. I’m not even offended by it; it’s so crass, inconsiderate, and ill-mannered I can’t take it seriously.

      • Well, that’s good. Hopefully the faceless positivity sticks a little bit, though.

  2. Those threads are confusing, why do people go to them just to jump into hatred mode.

    I want to randomly throw my voice into the wind in that I think 1up is a rather swell site(the long style articles 1up posts are love)

    Ign is rather large and and overwhelming so no comment there.

  3. A quick glance at 1up, gamespot and IGN reveals that the big players all look/read the same. Rose-tinted glasses be damned, 1up had at one point a semi-mature take on the games industry and offered a breadth of voices through podcasts, videos and features. I hope the IGN merger will afford 1up the opportunity to start churning out thought-provoking or funny content. It does seem that the “top ten” pieces have been diminishing so that’s a good sign. Good luck Parish!

    • “A quick glance at 1up, gamespot and IGN reveals that the big players all look/read the same.”

      Agreed, they might as well just be one big corporate Katamari anyway; it would be like the US Famitsu, unless that’s what Game Informer is already. I’ll stick to GameSpite, Action Button, Brainy Gamer, etc. for actual criticism/analysis of games, but for riffing on current developments, I’m sure those bigger sites will be fine regardless of what the suits work out.

  4. I can see this going both ways. I think 1up’s quality of writing is far higher than the drivel that ign usually come up with. However I’ve noticed 1up have been struggling for cash lately (well it’s what I thought) with some of my favourite writers leaving for pastures greener. If this is just a cash injection to make 1up bigger and better with little interference then I can only see good things coming from it. Anyway good luck to everyone at 1up. Hopefully it means you can hang on to your excellent writers now.

  5. Good grief, those comments are insane.

    Anyway, I know this causes all sorts of problems behind the scenes, but hopefully this will help 1UP’s financial solvency, and enable you to keep writing excellent stuff.

    And despite the hate for IGN (and 1UP, apparently), I have enjoyed (and read) both of them. And despite what others may say, IGN has some pretty solid people over there that write good stuff as well.

  6. I’m not going to read the comments, since I know what to expect from the vocal minority of 1up. Just wanted to reassure you that decent people read and appreciate your work and all of 1up’s. I haven’t read IGN in a long time but I’m sure it’s filled with good people.

    I hope the merger provides you guys with the opportunities to pursue the stories, and the type of content you guys want to offer.

    That’s pretty much it. I’ll slip back into the bowels of internet apathy now.

    • I concur. I would wager to guess the community that posts in the 1-up forums or leaves comments are younger and most likely don’t have the experience to write for or manage a website themselves. There’s tons of people I know who support 1up but have never registered on their forums.

  7. I think you mean pour. Sorry, it’s the frustrated English teacher in me. <3

  8. I love 1up but IGN is terribly boring. I hope you all the best of luck of not ending up like Gamespy.

  9. Will this be akin to Next buying Apple with Apple’s money i.e. will the 1UP staff run the whole big group?

  10. 1up, and Retronauts in particular are why I’m interested in games journalism and gaming blogs/podcasts. You guys do an amazing job, and nothing warms my cockles more than when my itunes finds another retronauts live to download. Good luck with ign, and as long as you keep writing, we’ll keep reading!

  11. But I thought was the more populist corporate version of Toastyfrog….sheesh, stuff these days is getting so complicated. Just let me know when it’s cool to talk about Thumbnail Theater again….

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