Guess what I did on the train this morning

If you guessed, “Rubbed up against other people during the morning rush and touched them inappropriately,” not only are you wrong, you’re also a terrible person and never allowed back here. No, this morning on the train I put the wraps on the final article for the fourth bonus book. I’ve never been this far ahead of schedule before! (It’s supposed to ship in June/July.) Sure, I still have artwork to do, but the text and basic layout are complete. It’s a continuation of the third book, with more retrospectives and anecdotes about Joust, Centipede, Pac-Man, Tron, Popeye, and Galaga, with a 14-page spread on Super Mario Bros. In other words, I’m ahead of schedule because this stuff is a lot of fun to write.

Anyway, as mentioned before, anyone who signs up by the end of the month (i.e. by tomorrow evening) to help fund the costs of hosting this site and the ungodly bandwidth demands of Talking Time will receive one of these this summer. It’s basically a mini-GameSpite Quarterly, except not quarterly, and only written by me. So not very much like GSQ at all.

Speaking of GSQ, I’ll get back into the content-posting swing tomorrow. And remember that tomorrow is the last day you can use the coupon codes NEWBLURB and ADBLURB to get 20% off a purchase.

Alright, enough sales pitches. I always feel dirty when I talk about commerce.

3 thoughts on “Guess what I did on the train this morning

  1. Train frottage is really much more of a Monday activity, so I agree that anybody who thinks you’d engage in it on a Friday is a philistine.

    • It seems more like a Wednesday thing, when you get down to it. There’s gotta be a reason they call it “hump-day,” right?

  2. Hmm… unless there’s a check in the mail tomorrow I’m going to have to wait for the next coupon convergence it seems. Neat timing if there is though!

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