GSQ8: A double dose of Toriyama

Yeah, it’s just what the title says. Yesterday we looked at a game based on Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball; today, it’s a totally unrelated game with character art by Toriyama: Tobal No. 1. As such, this is one of the tiny handful of games Toriyama has ever been involved in without “dragon” in the title. Too bad Dragon Quest VII is so far down the series’ chronology! And that Blue Dragon was on a completely different system altogether.

9 thoughts on “GSQ8: A double dose of Toriyama

  1. So you are saying we will see an article on the Chrono Trigger PS1 release next?

  2. I’ll always remember Tobal (and Ergheiz) more for its roguelike mode than the actual gameplay. As mentioned in the article, the control scheme was maddening. I seem to remember eating/throwing my items more often than not when trying to pick something up.

    Still, there’s tons of fond memories I have of drinking unidentified potions (praying for stuff like Max HP Up early on), using the scales to double the power bonus of meat, finally getting to the bottom and fighting Toriyama robo only to get my ass beat immediately, abusing cheap ring-outs on the big blue boss, and a whole host of other nostalgia tidbits that make Tobal endure while other games of that generation, like Destrega, I remember in name only.

    And looking back on it, Tobal is probably Toriyama game with the LEAST Toriyama characters ever! I mean, look at Chuji. Hardly a Goku/Chrono/Dragon Quest main character scowl to be found on that lovable face! Score another for Tobal!

  3. I actually beat Tobal, but damned if those random dinosaur fighters didn’t piss me off. Still, the randomly generated mazes aren’t nearly as bad as those in Dragon Quest Monsters 2. I never understood why we didn’t get the sequel, though. I mean, not many people buy Saga here, either, but SQ’Enix keeps bringing those games over, anyway.

      • Yeah, the three games in the series people actually liked and bought, and SQ’Enix won’t touch ’em. Go figure. But hey, we’ve got more Front Mission for you, even though those are nich as f**k.

      • Well we didn’t even get Front Mission 5, the best in the series after FM4 didn’t sell so well, because it was a bit mediocre.

  4. Sounds like the Quest mode in this game directly inspired Ehrgeiz. Ehrgeiz was a pretty simple game, but still enjoyable fun.

  5. Nothing is sadder than Tobal 2’s failure to ship abroad. Tobal No. 1 set the groundwork for one of the finest, classiest 3D fighters on Playstation…and certainly the one that held up the most. Take all the mechanics so well described in this article, and smooth out all the graphics so that it was the smoothest fighter until Soul Calibur. Pulled it out last year or so—still incredible.

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