GSQ8: I’ve already used the obvious joke

Today’s GSQ8 piece on Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu covers an import game, which means it was written by Mike Zeller. There are rumors that any time someone else called dibs on an import release for this issue, they’d wake up in the middle of the night to find the silhouette of a man leaning over them, brandishing an axe and quietly suggesting they reconsider. But this is just a rumor, right? You shouldn’t believe such frivolous, irresponsible talk.

This article has two errors. One, this is a Dragon Ball Z game, but I used Dragon Ball art for the splash. This is because the original Dragon Ball era is charming and I really like its art style, while Toriyama tended to use really awful grimacing muscle dudes to depict the Z era. In other words, it’s a deliberate editorial choice.

Two, I misspelled the game’s title in the URL and the actual book. This is because I’m dumb. GameSpite Quarterly 9 will be enjoying the benefits of a copy editor.

7 thoughts on “GSQ8: I’ve already used the obvious joke

  1. Actually, no, that’s pretty clearly Dragon Ball Z art, there. Look, that’s very obviously Gohan hanging on to the grill of the car right there, and Gohan’s existance pretty much defines the beggining of the Dragon Ball Z era.

    If you want to kill yourself over this obvious and glaring error, I would understand.

    • Huh, OK, I thought it might be Gohan there but then no one looked constipated and angry so I got all confused and decided “eh what the hell.”

      • It’s still very early Z era, from before the art switched from bubbly to jagged. And characters like Lunch are still prominently featured.

        As for the game, it’s weird that none of the 2D elements seem to be correctly scaled—not even HUD elements.

    • Its the Playstation one (like all the articles in this particular issue). There was also a Saturn version of the game, though.

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