GSQ8: Live and in person

I spent much of today’s day-long car ride copy editing GameSpite Quarterly 8. This is by far the densest quantity of text we’ve ever produced. But it’s good, too! And I’m really glad I decided to break away from the templated format of the previous issues and do random, game-specific layouts. Stuff like this makes me really happy to see on the page:

I’m taking the next ten days off from work to visit Cat’s family and basically chill out, so I’m bound to plug away at corrections and additions on this. My new target date for publication is… hmm, let’s say April 20. Get some use out of those April coupon codes. Yeah.

8 thoughts on “GSQ8: Live and in person

    • Oh, I IMMEDIATELY heard the battle music when I looked at it.

      (It is, of course, the WRONG battle music, as I’m hearing the main battle theme and that’s a picture of the last boss fight, but clearly I am being too nitpicky with my sense memory.)

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