GSQ7: A big ol’ lump of lumpiness

Man, there’s a show on TV where Martha Plimpton is playing a grandmother. Let me repeat this: One of the Goonies is a grandmother. A fictional grandmother, but still. Hmm, is that the chilly specter of mortality I feel creeping up behind me?

Anyway, I regret to announce that I am responsible for all but one of tonight’s mini-write-ups. Sorry about that, kids!

Medusa Heads: This one is by Marc Host, so that’s a relief.

Metroids, Metools, and Mondain: Uh oh!

7 thoughts on “GSQ7: A big ol’ lump of lumpiness

  1. If it makes you feel better, within the context of the story she got pregnant when she was fifteen. So, you know, she’s a really young grandmother.

  2. I know a guy a that’s a grandfather at 32, but I live 2 blocks from what most of you people reading this would call the hood ( Asbury Park, NJ). Apparently, waking up to the sounds of gunshots, fired a mile away, then hearing sirens a minute later isn’t a normal occurrence for most people. It is for me. I’m an e-thug, I guess.

  3. Since the Internet tells me that the Metroid franchise now is as doomed as a runaway train full of explosives speeding towards a cliff full of molten lava (with Denzel Washington being like a 1000 miles away…and crippled, mind you), the Metroid article made me think of a game in the vein of the recently announced Resident Evil: Racoon City where you play as an Anti-Galactic Federation agent who’s saving Metroids and trying to kill whiny Samus.

    • That could be Samus herself, considering how things are left after the events of Fusion.

    • Thanks, but I am haunted by what this article was supposed to be: a propaganda pamphlet! But I ran out of steam and just needed to get the issue out. I am a lazy butt.

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