GSQ7: No unifying theme at all

Another evening, another batch of entries from GameSpite Quarterly 7. I would like to say that these pieces are linked by a common theme as we enter the home stretch, but that would be a filthy lie. The only thing these articles share alike is the fact that they are contiguous within the printed edition.

  • Mine: Nowadays, when you think of “mine” in the context of villainy you probably think of Minecraft. But this is the old-school sense of the word, which is the one that explodes when you touch it. The kind you sweep. (By Tomm Hulett)
  • Mother Brain: What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators. (By Justin Hoeger)
  • Octopus: Last week, Cat and I went out for sushi to celebrate our anniversary, and we had an octopus salad comprised of the best grilled baby octopi I’ve ever experienced. It was delicious. But, it also goes a long way toward explaining why this dude is so cranky. (By Scott Lowe)
  • Pits: As in, “this article is the.” (By some idiot)
  • Pooka & Fygar: Not to be mistaken for Pookie and Fry Guys, which are properties associated with Garfield and McDonaldland, respectively. (By Jeremy Signor)

6 thoughts on “GSQ7: No unifying theme at all

  1. GSQ7’s Yang to GSQ(3?) Yin made me wonder if there were any characters that appeared as both heroes and villains. The only ones I know are Mario, DK, and Bomberman’s sprite.

  2. Big Boss was going to be in GSQ3, but he didn’t become a protagonist until well after his 8-bit appearances.

  3. That was good, but I liked it most because it inspired me to realize that Metroid in fact secretly has the plot of Bioshock.

  4. You could have gone with a MOP theme, since you’re pulling in articles for each of those letters.

    Also: Don’t be so hard on yourself. The Pits article is pretty good stuff. There’s a bit of subtlety in each character’s take on pits that brings a tiny nostalgia rush. And that’s really what this is about, right?

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