Revenge of the rub-a-dub-ducky

Hello, humanity. Tonight, some random little things.

  • For starters, my 3DS Mii QR code:

  • If for some reason you would like to have a tiny simulacrum of me walk around inside your 3DS, well, here you go. Miis have the interesting side effect of making me wish I weren’t just a bland-looking white dude. But I guess we bland white dudes rule the earth (for the time being), so there are probably worse fates. Please feel free to post your own QRs! Especially if you aren’t a bland white person like me.

  • I am trying to be a little less bland. It occurred to me a few days ago that I’m planning to marry an aspiring fashion photographer, and it’s silly for me not to take advantage of this fact and have her pick out what I should wear each day. So, the endgame here: less bland, more lazy.
  • And I reviewed the worst 3DS launch title! I also submitted a Monster Tale review today, but I guess that won’t be making it up until tomorrow. (Spoiler: It’s way better than Bust-A-Move Universe.)

12 thoughts on “Revenge of the rub-a-dub-ducky

  1. I was never planning on getting it (not at launch anyway), but Bust-A-Move Universe sounds like a huge disappointment. I don’t own a portable version of the game, and that’d be the perfect portable puzzle game.

    You know, since there’s no good portable version of Magical Drop 2 or 3.

  2. The really sad thing about bust a move is that you can get the Iphone version, which has more features for 1/5th of the price.

    Really the lack of a 2-player mode is just inexcusable

    • And if you wanna stick to a 3DS or DS-ish format, there’s also Space Bust-A-Move, which has Wi-Fi play and controls that work perfectly fine, as well as being pretty cheap to get.

      Of course, the framerate’s also slower than usual for B-A-M games for unexplained reasons, but it’s largely a minor annoyance in the long run.

  3. Hmmm…I need to figure out how to create a QR to share my Mii! Until then, if anyone is looking for a new 3DS friend to add, here’s my code: 0989-1739-4247

    And yay, Monster Tale! I’m at 55.6% completion. Those boss battles can get pretty stressful since there’s no way to replenish Ellie’s health…

  4. I created a Mii when I first got my Wii (and another about two years later), and since I can import them over to my 3DS, I have three iterations of myself all standing next to each other. It’s interesting to see how my look (or at least my perception of myself) has changed over the years.

    Here’s the latest version of Mii:

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