GSQ8: The shape of things to come

I submitted GameSpite Quarterly 8 for a proof print tonight, which is a huge relief; this book has consumed every free minute I’ve had for the past three months or so, but I’ve managed to get things into proper shape a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. To celebrate (because I always celebrate reaching a work milestone by doing even more work), I’ve posted the GSQ8 page. Eventually, you will be able to buy the book from here. But that’s a month away; in the meantime, you can see what will be in said book. The main listing encompasses all the full articles, but as with GameSpite Quarterly 5 there’s something like 100 pages of write-ups for individual games (and accessories) that aren’t listed in the index. If you want to see everything that’s written about (well, almost), you can skim through the massive copyright indicia at the bottom of the page.

Unless the translation from InDesign to page is far more horrible than I realized, this is going to be an excellent issue. Maybe the best so far.

And for those who are contemplating picking up some back issues of the magazine, I stumbled across a page with multiple Blurb discount codes today. Unfortunately I don’t think these will still be running at the beginning of May (when GSQ8 is ready), but if you’re interested in picking up some stuff before then, you’ll find codes good for up to 20% off an order. Which seems pretty good, I think.

9 thoughts on “GSQ8: The shape of things to come

  1. I think the cover looks much better with the white title. I’m super impressed at how real the image looks. I know that it was done in InDesign, but at first glance my brain always mistakes it for a photograph.

    I’m super exicted about this issue. Frothing demand and all that.

    • For some reason you have my DWVII article credited to “Ben Elgin” instead of me, “Scott Lowe”.

      • Hmm, yes, much as I appreciate getting credit for things, and much as I *do* love a goo slime pun, I haven’t even played DWVII, so I can be fairly sure I didn’t write that article.

      • Whoops, those were mixed up somewhere along the way. That is why I posted the list now instead of later! Better to catch errors at the proofing stage than after it ships.

  2. The list of articles is getting me excited about this one. Can’t wait to read the one about Playstation in Europe. Hope there’s a bit about Ireland in there. Not sure if it was the Sony marketing here but we were the second biggest playstation market with more sold per capita than any other country other than japan. Sony really did an amazing job marketing it in Europe with advertising pushes specific to countries and sometimes even cities. The PAL conversions were less amazing.

    • Sorry to dissapoint you here… the europe-article is less about marketing and these things and more about subjects like mods, importing, 50HZ-conversions or RGB-cords…

  3. Just as a heads up, the 20% off seems to be good for 2 or more items. The coupon for just one item didn’t work for me…though I’m not sure if maybe I used that same code in he past, or if it’s over.

    That said – I’m looking forward to reading the upcoming book! Sure, I still need the prior two, but I’m looking forward to those also!

    The design for the books just gets better and better. You do a great job with these.

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