GSQ7: Games, darn it

Games! Posts about games! Words you can read to discover more information about games! What a crazy future-world we live in.

  • Tatanga: This entry (by Ben Elgin) reminded me that Super Mario Land is due to arrive soon on 3DS Virtual Console. This is the upcoming 3DS I am looking forward to second most. Right after Rocket Slime. Because, you know, Rocket Slime.
  • Team Rocket: Something about making preparations for twice as much trouble as normal? Jeremy Signor has the scoop.
  • Top of the Screen: Not to be mistaken for the Edges of the Screen. Thanks to Alex Reo for making the clarification.
  • Dr. Venom: Dr. Venom, of course, was the inventor of Cobra’s Brainwave Scanner in the venerable G.I. Joe comics. This is some fake wannabe Dr. Venom. Nicola Nomali makes a convincing case for his evilness nevertheless.

5 thoughts on “GSQ7: Games, darn it

  1. Proof positive that I can’t keep up with all the games coming out. Didn’t know they were working on a Rocket Slime game for 3DS. Rocket Slime for DS was tons of fun, and had crazy amounts of personality. I may not buy a 3DS at launch, but this is helping make the case for eventually buying one.

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