GSQ6: It’s a wonderful world

Posting this one makes me feel a little bummed out, for a couple of reasons. Three years ago on my birthday, I was vacationing in Tokyo and had a review copy of The World Ends With You in hand, making for a pretty satisfying experience: in the game, I could battle my way through the same locales I’d been exploring by day. On the other hand, this year for my birthday, I’ve been reading about how people in Tokyo and areas northward are struggling to keep it together and simply stay alive. Not a happy contrast.

And there’s another reason for melancholy: that birthday was also the day that my fiancée’s (or girlfriend’s, at that point) recent job loss caught up with her and I had to start digging into my savings and pulling extra work to keep us afloat, kicking off what continues to be the most exhausting and demanding period of my life. I miss having things like free time and money and leisure. Still, as I post this article, three years later, I can at least take comfort in knowing that it is a very good piece of writing that you will enjoy. So do it. Enjoy.

Edit: Monster Tale for DS just shipped, so I’ve updated the Metroidvania page to include a mention of it, along with Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and the intriguing-looking Fallen Frontier.

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  1. Having recently watched Evangelion, I’ll say that it had the exact same themes. Never thought it would influence a non Mech video game, though…

    • That’s exactly what I thought. Love this game a bit more though, it just nails everything. Possibly, my favorite game of all time, and most definitely the last 5 years or so.

  2. If you think that game is depressing in light of recent events, try watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, an anime made a year and a half ago about – you guessed it, and 8.0 earthquake hitting Tokyo and how it would effect the city.

  3. incidentally, i was about half a block behind you on 2nd street this morning, as i was heading to my interview. I thought to wave or get your attention, but i noticed the telltale white cables descending from your hat and thought to leave you alone.

    Your birthday is of significance to me too, as it was my first day at 1up six years ago.

  4. Hey, if you’re going to update the Metroidvania page, might as well update the blurb about U•Four•ia. It totally made it here via Virtual Console.

  5. Fantastic write-up – I agree with Matt about how startling it is that Nomura/Jupiter managed to stick the landing on almost every aspect of the game, especially when I think about how, on paper, I should’ve probably hated almost every single part of the game – especially the anorexically-hip character designs and the stereotypically-self absorbed JRPG protagonist.

    And man, how can you NOT love a game where the optional post-game content spends most of it’s time mocking the entire game that preceeded it?

    • Example- After you beat Final Fantasy VI and you feel accomplished, the game ends by giving a series of explanations on how trite everything is. Obviously didn’t happen, but I’d think it’d be pretty obvious to see how a game that mocks itself in the postgame content is not exactly very endearing.

  6. A fantastic article, I loved the world ends with you alot for its story and combat system, I am a fan of modern day with a twist and this is right up there with jetsetradio or persona.

  7. Fallen Frontier really perked my attention. I really like the game’s look, and games like Abuse and Target Quake have proven how seamlessly certain FPS weapons and aesthetics can mesh with 2D design.

    I pray it doesn’t include an easy level editor though, because then it might ruin some kid’s life. ;)

    • How do you think half of Bungie’s level designers got their start? Gotta suck in the next generation…

  8. Great game. I’m a very casual gamer nowadays, and the DS gets most of my attention because I play it in-transit. Still, nowadays I read more about games than I actually play them.

    However it’s disappointing to see the pejorative term “JRPG” used. Maybe it stings the hardest because it was always my favorite genre, and I even found plenty to like in the less-good ones (even today – though I haven’t touched it in awhile, I had fun playing Lost Odyssey). But still I find it a silly title and I think it’s toted around a bit too much, almost to a point where I feel like people only use it as much as they do to feel like a part of the gang (not saying this article, moreso the collective gaming community on forums – though maybe we shouldn’t open that can of worms).

    What I’m really wondering is why these games get blasted for their stories as if they’re terrible and always were, as if they stick out the most. Granted, I’m very much out of the loop, but I don’t think other genres get things a million times better – specifically the ones that borrow very heavily from movies. So what gives? Are there really a wealth of games in a certain genre (or every genre) that don’t try to hit the same old notes? That don’t pack in cliches? Or are we really THAT sick of the art design?

    I hope this doesn’t come off as condescending. I don’t mean it to be. But I’m honestly baffled with this and could use some insight.

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