GSQ7: Mother is gone

I have some links for you tonight. Links from GameSpite Quarterly 7. Let the good times roll:

  • Ganon: Or as some translations call him, “Gannon.” Written by Aaron Littleton.
  • Garland: I’m pretty sure he has only ever been referred to as “Garland.” Written by Justin Hoeger.
  • GORUZA: Have you ever heard of this guy? I bet you haven’t! But the article was written by Jeremy Signor, which means he’s either heard of some villain no one else has or else he’s totally pulling our collective leg.
  • And finally, Giygas. This is without question the single best entry in GSQ7, and one of the best pieces ever published on this site. It’s really a spectacular little vignette, and you should carry its author (Marc Host) around on your shoulders and crown him king of the parade.

10 thoughts on “GSQ7: Mother is gone

  1. You know, when I saw the name “Terry” used as the name of the guy talking to Link in the Ganon article, I immediately imagined Link drunkenly trying to make conversation with Dragon Quest VI’s swordsman in blue. And that made the article even more awesome.

  2. That Giygas piece really is fantastic. I just finished Mother 3 two weeks ago after slowly making my way through the entire series and this piece really had an emotional effect on me just like the series did. I’m off to man up and hold in the tears.

    Tell Marc Host thanks!

  3. So, what’s the easiest way for me to play the Mother/Earthbound games so I have some context for the Giygas piece?

    • Unfortunately, you’ll need to hoist the Jolly Roger for this one. I hate to recommend that approach but Nintendo hasn’t provided a lot of alternatives in this case.

      • Yeah, and I guess soliciting info for ROM/emulators on a forum hosted by a professional games writer probably isn’t the smartest move.


      • It’s well worth noting that the first game has a patch out there that makes the experience curve much, much more friendly to the average player. Combine that with the frame skip speed up of your choice and Mother is a quick little jaunt, which is why you shouldn’t listen to people who tell you to give it a pass wholesale in favor of the sequel. It has its problems (it is an NES era Dragon Quest clone, after all), but they’re easy to turn into speed bumps rather than roadblocks.

      • I hear there’s also an easy mode patch that makes levelling up much easier since you pretty much have to do this before each new area and also the last area involves running from every battle since every normal enemy there is much harder than the final boss! It’s well worth it though and will give you the most information to enjoy this wonderful piece of writing.

  4. You created me, Mom. So I guess you’re to blame. For the love that I feel! Just from hearing your name. You’re as tender as corn-beef and warm as pastrami! *dingle dingle* I wuv my mommy.

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