GSQ7: Brought to you by letter D

Friends, Romans, countrymen… uh, do any Romans actually read this site? I do mention prog rock occasionally, and Italians are crazy for prog! Man, who knows.

Anyway, here are a bunch of GameSpite Quarterly 7 entries concerning the letter D. We’re past Dark, fortunately, but there does seem to be a preponderance of content concerning the word death. I suppose that’s only to be expected when you’re dealing with video game villains, yeah, but outside of the letter D section of the encyclopedia, they’re generally a little more subtle about it.

(See what I mean?)


10 thoughts on “GSQ7: Brought to you by letter D

  1. Wow, well, if nothing else, this update has left me with the understanding that I need to go play Monster Party post-haste. They sure don’t make them like that anymore (sadly).

      • Once Jake made the case it was a lizard, I couldn’t argue. It’s totally a lizard laying dead on its side, legs curled and facing the viewer, mouth open, tongue laying on the ground.

      • Honestly? I thought it was a spider FOREVER too, until someone in the planning thread pointed it out. It’s like one of those duck/rabbit deals, except then you notice ow wait the eye’s colored in and everything.

      • I’d think it’s easier to notice when you have a still screenshot to look over. The green eye, the hanging tongue, the two spider bosses that look nothing like it…that stuff’s easy to overlook when you’re playing the game.

        I’ve gotta say though, it’s even freakier when you realize it’s some kinda deal lizard/dinosaur thing. That swollen torso freaks me the hell out. O.O;

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