Well, it seems like we brought Retronauts back to life today. No one is more surprised than me!

The episode should be up Sunday night.

Meanwhile, I’m sloooooowly digging my way from beneath a pile of RPGs for review. Radiant Historia is next up on the chopping block, and it’s getting really good. In lieu, for now, of the formal review that’ll go up next week, I will just say, “Please consider picking up this game, because it’s the sort of RPG that could easily be overlooked in the midst of everything else. But it deserves better!”

18 thoughts on “Necromancy

  1. Awesome news.

    I was just enjoying the FFVII episode today at work. Chris was lamenting weeks with only two games released on VC. Two game VC weeks are unheard of now.

  2. Wait, what!? Retronauts is back? As in, another one-off, or for real back to it’s place as the best thing to stick into my ears?

    I’ve had Radiant Historia on preorder for ages and the only thing that’s going to delay playing it is that I’m still only a little into DQVI.

  3. Can’t wait for the Zelda anniversary Retronauts.

    I think it’s great that you’re taking the time to put something together for a big anniversary such as this. I hope Retronauts continues to celebrate special dates like this with future one-off episodes.

  4. As an (how should i put this?) “older” gamer, I’m glad to see Retronauts making regular appearances in 2011.

    I’m also looking forward to your Radiant Historia review, although one way or the other, the game is a pre-order for me; recent discussions on ATB made it an easy purchase decision.

    Keep on trucking…

  5. Glad to hear you’re liking Radiant Historia. I’ve had it pre-ordered for a while, but I don’t know how I’m going to juggle it with Tactics Ogre and EO3.

  6. I will consider RH when Amazon has another buy two get one free deal. Not that I need more games that I might never get around too, but hey “Its a hobby”. Or a disease. :)

  7. Jeremy, if you are bringing the show back, could you give the Japanese PSOne releases on PSN some attention. Also, could you guys discuss the PSOne ports of Mega Man 1 and 2 and let us know whether or not the ports are janky?

    • Have you played the Mega Man Anniversary Edition for the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox? The versions on there was based on the PSOne releases.

  8. I’m guessing someone higher up realized that we really digged Retronauts, and realized that the people who visit 1up are far, far different than the ign crowd. Kudos for who ever decided to keep let 1up keep some of it’s old schoolness.

  9. Okay, this is awesome. I’m pumped about more Retronauts! I really look forward to hearing you guys taking calls, too.

  10. Glad to hear Historia is good, but please tell me the foostep noises aren’t as mind numbingly loud as the preview videos seem to make them.

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