GSQ6: More songs about mah buckets and food

Remember that Internet fad of posting pictures of a walrus with a bucket and inventing allegedly hilarious captions for what the walrus was supposedly saying? Yeah, I didn’t either, until I edited this article and stumbled upon the term “bucket bitch,” and it all came flooding back. As with any virus, I now pass this contagion along to you in order to purge it from my skull.

In other news, I’ll be interviewing a long-time employee of Game Freak today. I think we’re supposed to be discussing Pokémon Black & White, but I’m probably just going to hassle him about making a Drill Dozer sequel for half an hour. You’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “GSQ6: More songs about mah buckets and food

  1. If ever there’s a Drill Dozer sequel — I’d really want it needs to be more like Drill Dozer’s post-game more than its main-game. I don’t think the title really shined until that point.

    [ I speak to the Internet, and thus it shall make it so. ]

  2. On the offchance that the guy from Game Freak isn’t interested in a Drill Dozer sequel (which is very unlikely, who doesn’t like Drill Dozer), ask him if he’s interested in making any other non Pokemon related games.

  3. Back in college I played this game to completion, single-player. (I was the only person I even knew with a GameCube, let alone a GBA and link cables and whatnot.)

    Crystal Chronicles single-player shouldn’t even be an option, or at least there should’ve been some NPC henchmen involved. It was easily the worst experience I’ve ever had with a game, especially the final boss, and the fact that I actually played through to the end is a pretty strong indicator that I am at least partially insane – or at least that I’ll go to insane lengths to justify a $50 purchase.

    Oh, and it had a disagreement with my memory card and caused me to have to reformat, losing all my data for this and every other GC game I’d played. I remember that, too.

  4. “…but I’m probably just going to hassle him about making a Drill Dozer sequel for half an hour.”

    DO EET.

  5. How could you not have talked more about probably the second to best thing this game has: the awesome orgasmic music.

  6. Chrystal Chronicles……better use it carefully, or it can change your life. One year I played it with my girl, and now that girl’s my wife.

  7. This game is equally the worst and one of the best ever made. The single player game is truly atrocious but with each person you add to play multiplayer the fun rises exponentially. The problem is I only played it twice with the full four people because it’s such a pain in the arse to set up with all the harware required.

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