GSQ6: Detect THIS

Deadly Premonition seems like the sort of game I would really enjoy if I were a person who had time to play video games outside of riding the train to work in the morning. Which I don’t. So I will have to settle for publishing someone else’s glowing tribute to the game and wonder, wistfully, what things might be like if I had a life. Or rather, if I had the opportunity to have a life to squander. You know what I mean.

7 thoughts on “GSQ6: Detect THIS

  1. You need to find some time for Deadly Premonition. It’s really something special.

    That’s not Francis York Morgan!? Who is that guy?

  2. did two side by side Endurance runs of the game if you wish to at least watch what happens. It is pretty entertaining, if not a little frustrating, watching them struggle with the mechanics while they actively enjoy the craziness.

  3. I love reading (and hearing) about people’s love of this game. The only thing I don’t love is that everyone spoils the secret of who Zach is.

    To anyone who had seen Twin Peaks, it’s easy to assume he’s York’s ‘Diane’. I’m glad I bought it the day it came out, before the info flooded the internet because that twist was good.

  4. I’m soooo with you here: I’ve only played a bit of Deadly Premonition (known here in Japan as Red Seeds Profiles, a multiplatform, full-price release) and I can tell it’s crazy enough to love but the annoying controls and boring combat are too much for someone with my limited gaming time.

    Bringing it to the US as a $20 impulse buy was an act of genius – it easily tripled the audience that this game would have gotten at $60. More than anything, I hope THAT is the lesson Deadly Premonition teaches publishers.

    • Hey Daniel Feit. Have you played the PS3 version of Red Seeds Profile? I was wondering if it’s in English. I want to try it, but it’s hard to take a risk at 6000 yen.

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