GSQ7: Bringing up the caboose

GameSpite Quarterly 7 launched with a selection of articles from the beginning of the book. Now we jump ahead to the end with the four entries that comprise the letter Z. This is known as a pincer attack, and it leaves both your front and back lines equally vulnerable to attack. Worse, you can’t run from the encounter, and your area of effect magic will only hit one enemy line or the other — never both! Face it, you’re trapped. You have no choice but to read through these articles one by one until you’ve won the battle.

  • Zande: Nicola Nomali does more to justify the subtle depth of (the 8-bit) Final Fantasy III‘s plot than anyone realized was possible. In fact, I think you will be pleasantly impressed by the fact that FFIII does, in fact, have a plot.
  • Zaxxon: A stunning true tale of Cold War era realpolitik!
  • ZELOS: Sung to the tune of… well, I’m not sure, actually. Ask Rene Decoste.
  • Zoda: This is actually the second time I’ve seen Nich Maragos write about bananas in the context of 8-bit RPGs. I’m not really sure what sort of conclusion to draw from this observation, though. Presumably, he… has excellent potassium levels?