11 thoughts on “GSQ6: What can I do for you?

  1. i have this game and was enjoying it until my dad got obsessed with getting every possible Blue Mage ability. I should take another crack at it.

  2. I didn’t really want this game to come out because I felt FFX’s story was done, but I ended up liking it.

    It actually ends up have an interesting world that shows how various people from the original cope with suddenly *not* have to fear for their lives all the time. That said the new plot is kind of bolted on.

    The game play is nice, too. If, as the article indicates, you ignore the “Girl Power” stuff.

    The two games together are like a crazy version of FF6, with a linear first half and open ended second.

  3. I’d argue that FFX-2 makes a pretty fantastic first impression in the slow, slideshow-like attract mode that plays before the title screen appears. It’s just a shame that it kind of squanders that so quickly. But yeah, job system! Fun stuff!

  4. FFX-2 was definitely good and underappreciated, if you don’t expect too much out of it. Just some simple, quick fun with a great battle system (one that’s remarkably similar to FF13’s system).

    Too bad about the terrible minigames, though.

  5. It’s probably the announcement of XIII-2, but I’ve been thinking about X-2 a lot lately. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on the whole internet that likes this game!

    It’s got the best battle system of just about any Final Fantasy. Jobs are always the most fun (X-2 is maybe even better than FFT?), the quasi-real time thing with the combos is a blast, and the variable length active time bar forces you to consider your actions instead of spamming the same power move over and over again.

    I really enjoyed the article! Not only because it felt like a shot of X-2 solidarity, it also brought to light a thing or two I’d never thought of, like: yeah, WAS it originally supposed to be Lulu? Though, for my money I’ll take a Paine over a Lulu any day of the week. Though, Jake, EMBRACE the cheesiness, don’t explain it away. Don’t say “oh, well that pop number only happens once in the beginning,” learn to love it! Honestly, Final Fantasy plots (especially as of late) are often so absurd, and often so badly written, that I was happy to see a game that just glommed right onto it. I’m more willing to take them seriously when they’re being stupid than when they’re going “No no, guys, his dad is the giant evil whale and he’s a PAST GHOST and… and… and… BELT SKIRT.”

    My only issue is that this article ends pretty abruptly, even by the standards of the new-style gamespite articles. They all seem to do that, but this ending came out of nowhere. I scrolled all the way down past the screen shots assuming there’d be more text.

  6. Also, let’s not get hung up on how lame the “girl power” stuff is. It’s not handled expertly, sure, but how often do you have an RPG entirely about women? No spikey-haired male protagonist in this game. That’s pretty crazy. Sure, a lot of the plot is “GOTTA FIND MY MAN,” but even then, that’s an exceedingly rare reversal of the Princess Toadstool standard.

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