GSQ6: Robot in the skies

Man, 2017 seemed so far away when this game first came out. Now 2017 is barely more than half a decade away! Only six years ’til the bugpocalypse. I’d recommend reading this article to prepare yourself. It’s a brilliant guide to having the right frame of mind for appreciating the terrors of EDF 2017.

8 thoughts on “GSQ6: Robot in the skies

  1. I’m so glad this game made the list. It’s got a great, simple arcade feeling to it with a goofy sense of humor. Definitely a must-own for 360 players.

  2. I hate to punch holes in your story, but this game debuted at a $40 msrp and I actually recall paying fifty dollars for my new copy about a few weeks after it came out. It started to hit the bargin bins sometime around that Christmas (2007) as I remember a buddy of mine “replacing” the copy his 360 ate with a brand new $9.99 copy from Best Buy… and repeatedly asking me how much I paid again?
    Fun game though, reminds me of playing Contra as a kid. Mindless fun, but fun should be capitalized and made of twenty foot, carved stone, letters.

  3. Really good game, I loved it when I played it first. I tracked down the PS2 game global defence force that came out after it and it’s so much better in everyway. More weapons, enemies and stages and of course jetpack girl. Makes me sad that a western developer is taking over the reins when I’d much rather see what Sandlot could do with the time and money.

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