G5: Fungal foraging

A few issues back, Jake Alley took up the burden of penning the long-dormant (and by “long-dormant” I mean “for nearly a decade”) Mushroom Hunting series for GameSpite Quarterly. If you don’t remember Mushroom Hunting — and why would you, really, given how long it’s been since the last time I put one together? — it was a column I wrote back in the days when I had very little money but a fair excess of free time wherein I would track down good but inexpensive games for the impoverished such as me. Now I have very little money and very little free time, so such things are best left to those with a little wiggle room in their schedules.

I haven’t been posting the GSQ columns since the delay between printing and posting generally moots a few of the selected titles, but this special NES nostalgia edition should still be totally valid. So here you go.

And with this, GSQ5 is completely online… except for all those time-consuming biannual roundups. I’ll get around to those, eventually. Someday. Someday far away.

5 thoughts on “G5: Fungal foraging

  1. Re the Mega Man Anniversary Collection: I never played the originals, and the Gamecube mapping of A and B STILL screwed me up.

    An awesome collection despite that, though.

  2. A little surprised there wasn’t any Galious namedropping under La Mulana.

    I wouldn’t mind a 2d 16/32-bit update of FF3 a la the first 2, just so, you know, it’s there. And enemies come in groups of more than 3, and there’s no slowdown.

  3. I’ve been looking forward to the next Mushroom Hunting since you profiled “Toki Tori.” So, yeah, nearly a decade.

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