GSQ5: The games, they are too many

Man, this NES roundup is a beast — I spent all yesterday morning compiling the thing. Basically, it goes to prove that 1990 was an amazing year for the NES. Look at all those great games, most of which were entirely new titles rather than sequels! I don’t know that there’s ever been a year so dense with good, original works, and I can guarantee there certainly won’t be another. Originality is much, much too risky with game budgets being what they are these days. Not that sequels are inherently bad, unless they’re terrible, but I do miss the days of going to the store and being surrounded by dozens of new creations and knowing that I had even odds of taking one home at random and being satisfied by its offerings.

Blah blah blah, shaking cane, yelling at kids re: lawn, etc.

I’ve also tweaked the format of this article style, so this entry looks a lot better than the past few. But man, you can just forget about me revamping the existing posts to match.

9 thoughts on “GSQ5: The games, they are too many

  1. Man, I wish I had known then that Kiwi Kraze existed. My brother and I were really into the arcade version, but never got more than a couple levels in because the only machine was in our dentist’s waiting room. That also means we only got to play it about two days a year.

  2. I miss the days of companies willing to take all kinds of weird risks like these. Some of my favorite games from the NES days are obscure games that have never spawned a sequel, quality be damned.

  3. Your continuous, hostile, wanton, and downright rapscallious defaming of Low-G Man will not stand.

    …on the other hand, props for putting the wonderfully hermaphroditic Sypha in every Castlevania III picture.

  4. Huh, I had no idea Ninja Gaiden III took place between the first two. Ah, the things you learn after so many years…

    On another note, out of curiosity, are these listed in any particular order? Seems Yo! Noid would be last, but then it continues…

    Wait, the title says it covers 1991 as well, but all the games are marked 1990, is that why the arrangement is what it is?

    • Yes, Kojima is fine with Snake’s Revenge. It’s the NES port of Metal Gear he finds disgraceful. Re-read the blurb; the point is that Konami decided to follow-up the version of the game he didn’t like with a sequel he wasn’t involved in.

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