GSQ5: Excellent work, Iago

I guess the title of this post is a little too oblique for its own good. Yes, Prince of Persia features an evil, sorcerous Persian vizier named Jafar, but he doesn’t have a parrot that sounds like Gilbert Gottfried. Chalk up another victory for Jordan Mechner, I guess.

For Christmas, someone got me a spambot that insists on filling my blog’s comments field with headline news. Thanks?

5 thoughts on “GSQ5: Excellent work, Iago

  1. Is that part of the job description of the vizier, scheming to take over the kingdom from its rightful rulers? I’ve never known a vizier in fiction to be anything BUT malevolent.

  2. I’ve mainly played the SNES version of POP, which gets right all the stuff the article describes plus has a great soundtrack, but it has different levels and runs for two hours. How does it stack up against other versions?

    • They’re completely different games. Prince of Persia on the Super NES was redesigned by Konami and is more of a spiffed-up sequel than anything else.

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