GSQ5: Ooh La La? Ooh La La!?

Apparently there’s a Back to the Future game being released within the next 24 hours. It’s by Telltale, so one can reasonably assume that it’s going to be quite good, if a bit formulaic. Sadly, “good” is not an attribute historically associated with Back to the Future games, as this piece from GSQ5 will happily relate in amusing detail.

Said piece was written by Aaron Littleton, incidentally. That fact somehow didn’t make it into the book, but it’s true! My apologies to Mr. Littleton for the oversight.

10 thoughts on “GSQ5: Ooh La La? Ooh La La!?

  1. Hm. So IS Back to the Future 2&3 “at least playable”? I own a copy but have never actually attempted to play it. (I didn’t buy it; I think a tenant at one of my grandparents’ rental properties probably left it behind in a move.)

      • You could play it for 5 minutes and it seems like a massive improvement, keep going beyond that and you discover it’s a total mess and probably impossible to finish.

  2. OMG! I had this game when I was little, and it was really hard. Could never pass the first level….maybe once I did but this game is hard. Good memories

  3. I remember renting this miserable little pile from the video store down the street back in the day. I played it for twenty minutes before concluding it was crap. I marched back to the video store and made them give me Dragon Warrior instead. Sweet redemption.

  4. …were parts of that article taken from one of the novelizations? I had the book for part II, and reading this reminded me of that SO much…

    (In a good way, of course.)

    • Nope, it was all original material. Though I am flattered my prose can remind a person of a late-80s movie tie-in novel writer.

      (In a good way, of course.)

  5. Does anyone know how to beat Lou’s Cafe Bonus Stage? To this day, I still can’t beat it. This is coming from someone whose played through and beaten every single level of Battletoads. :(

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