GSQ5: Grand finale

We’re not done posting content from GameSpite Quarterly 5 quite yet, but we’re getting close. In this update, you have the final releases for the NES both in America (Wario’s Woods) and Japan (Adventure Island IV, or Takahashi Meijin No Boukenjima IV if you want to be all pretentious about it).

Wario’s Woods! I played this game to review back when Wii and its Virtual Console first launched; now, four years later, I remember nothing whatsoever about it.

Adventure Island IV! I’ve only played a little bit of this. But I should play more, because I do love me some nonlinear, free-roaming platform gaming action.

These blurbs were useless. You should read the articles instead.

One thought on “GSQ5: Grand finale

  1. I’ve never played too much of Wario’s Woods, but I liked its twist in the puzzle game genre by assigning you a player-controlled avatar and all, even with the typical colors and lines formula of puzzle gaming. Avatar control’s also a big reason why I like the Mr. Driller games.

    As for Adventure Island 4, I’m surprised I still haven’t tried to play this yet. I’d hope for a Virtual Console release, but the only VC AIs we’ve received are the classic Wonder Boy reskin and its “New” TG-16 followup.

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