GSQ6: Drake’s trade simulation RPG

Man, I’d really like to come up with some sort of devastatingly clever joke that ironically intertwines Uncharted Waters: New Horizons with Uncharted III, but I’m coming down with my fiancée’s cold and feel pretty awful. So you shall be spared my feeble attempt at humor. Consider yourself lucky, mortals. Next time I won’t surrender to illness so meekly.

6 thoughts on “GSQ6: Drake’s trade simulation RPG

  1. I actually have this game somewhere in my collection. Got it for the collector’s value when I saw it cheap. This made me want to play it.

    And even though it’s only been a few days since the trailer, I’m already tired of hearing about Uncharted 3. I’d prefer no mention at all rather than mentioning the fact you’re not mentioning it, but anything ‘s better than awkward puns.

  2. Now this is an Uncharted I’m interested in playing! Etrian Odyssey III got me interested in seafaring, and the Koei take on things intrigues me. I know what I’ll be purchasing along with Fluidity, on my next points card. =D

  3. Um, that cold made you link the picture to… the picture itself instead of the article link (though the text link works, at least)

  4. One of my favourite reasons to own a Wii. I think this game was the game I played the most on Virtual Console. Never heard of it before two years ago but it is one of the best games I have ever played.

  5. New Horizons was one of my favorite SNES games. It had a nice balance of tasks to do and nonlinear trading/exploration. Still very playable sixteen years after I first rented it. While I loved RPGs and simple action games, I enjoyed some of the system’s simulation games even more. That includes not just New Horizons, but also an adequate port of Simcity and a delayed, mediocre port of Civilization.

    Also, it’s a shame that the third and fourth games in the Uncharted Waters series have never been translated.

  6. Since it hasn’t been pointed out so far, it now falls to me to point out the amazing score this game has, composed by Yoko Kanno of Cowboy Bebop fame (among a million other awesome scores). It’s pretty darn fantastic.

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