GSQ5: Tropical two-fer

Zounds, two posts in one day? Yeah, well, I’d like to get back onto a nightly update routine rather than the laggy morning approach I’ve been taking lately, and I figured you guys would be more receptive to two posts in one day than to a day and a half gap between posts. Not that anyone here ever thinks or cares about my update methodology. I just wanted to share too much information.

Now you’ll probably want to read about StarTropics II before I start discussing my bowel health.

8 thoughts on “GSQ5: Tropical two-fer

  1. One thing that’s interesting about Zoda’s Revenge is that it was developed within Nintendo R&D3 for the USA and only the USA (and Canada!).

    Even StarTropics 1 made it to Europe.

    Also… the fact that Tetris was worked into the plot was just insane.

  2. I recall feeling let down when I played Star Tropics 2. It was by no means terrible. But I’d finished the first game and enjoyed most of it, so I was expecting something better. The controls in the second game continued to be frustrating, especially trying to move in diagonal directions. There were a few good moments, but it seemed to drag. And it seemed especially disappointing as one of the last few NES games.

    That said, this franchise has been dormant for sixteen years. Yes, there’s a few mostly unfinished fan-made games. But I hope some company that’s interested in 2D games might be willing to give Star Tropics one more try.

  3. I have such great memories of this game.

    First of all, I managed to find it at an Electronics Boutique for all of $3.00. Box, manual, everything. It was especially exciting considering how few times I was ever able to stop in one. The closest one in my state was two hours away, and trips there were few and far between.

    Anyway, despite some of the control niggles, it’s not nearly as rigid as its predecessor. And I, for one, liked the addition of diagonal movement. There were some cool things you could pull off in jumping that just couldn’t be done in the first game. The varied environments were a lot of fun as well. It’s slightly cheesy, but the story gives just enough of an excuse to run around and kill stuff throughout time and (modified) history.

    But the thing that is overlooked even more is the music. The game has some of the greatest chiptunes ever composed, and I suspect its lack of popularity has directly affected the remix potential of the game, despite the awesomeness of the soundtrack. Someone, anyone, get on those, stat!

    • The second one is a bit more straightforward than the first, to be honest. There’s some tricky stuff in the first game.

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