A thing about book-buying

Blurb is really pushing to bump their holiday sales, I guess. They just sent out an email stating that the coupon code CHEER will net you $10 off any purchase of $29.95 or above through the end of the year. I am, of course, passing along this information in response frequent indications that you guys like to know when they have promos running that can help you save big chunks of cash on GameSpite books. So there you have it.

4 thoughts on “A thing about book-buying

  1. Jeremy…when we use these coupons, Blurb doesn’t dock these from your cut of the proceeds or do they?

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I’d ordered GS 5 as a Christmas gift for an old friend who’s started nostalgically playing old NES games again, but this gave me the push to finally get a copy of GS 2 for myself.

  3. That’s fantastic news, thank-you! I’m here to get my hardback edition of GS6, so it’s perfect timing. I really love the four swords artwork on the GS6 cover!

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