16 thoughts on “GSQ5: As much fun as a skin condition

  1. This game is always pretty disappointing when I revisit it every few years, because I forget about the sheer variety. I actually thought the true beat-em-up (uh, the first level) was some of the most fun of its kind, on the NES at least. Only beat out by the overlooked TMNT3.

  2. Every time I see a game, TV show, or episodes of cartoons trying to ride on the Harry Potter/wizard popularity band wagon with their (more or less) wizardly knockoffs, I facepalm a little on the inside. >_<

    As for Battletoads, I liked the visual design I saw from the later levels (via Nintendo Power), but I could never get past Stage 3 and its speeder bike wrecking fetish…in large part thanks to limited continues and the stage itself being way too long. That's the kinda shit the Game Genie was made for right there, though it doesn't have a code that makes your reaction time better.

    • Yeah, what was the other DS game? Contra 4 while hard, was hard for a reason. It was like Megaman 2 and 9 where you knew it was hard, but it rarely seemed unfair. I replay contra 4 because I believe that I learned what i needed to learn in that last play through, and that i finally beat the part i keep dying to. As a kid, after I would keep trying the battletoads level but I never felt as if I could beat it.

  3. If it wasn’t for Battletoads, more people in would have defected to the Genesis in 1991 and the SNES launch wouldn’t have gone as well. It was pretty much the NES’s Donkey Kong Country. Nintendo could use a game like BT or DKC right now to keep the Wii healthy.

    • Nah, I disagree. Super Mario Bros. 3 was the NES’s Donkey Kong Country, at least in the U.S. (which is the purview of this issue). Battletoads launched only two months before Super NES; if anything, it would have retarded adoption. SMB3 was the game that kept people hooked on NES as Genesis gained steam.

      • Even though Sonic also came out two months before the SNES’s launch? Most people who got a SNES in 1991 got it for Christmas, so both BT and Sonic came out more like five months before parents would have bought a SNES.

      • SMB3 came out in the US almost two years before Black Friday 1991, so Sega marketed Sonic as the game you play after you got bored with SMB3.

  4. And that Harry Potter book illustration is exactly what should be linked to any time someone dares to suggest that the Potter books aren’t written for and are on the level of children. “Don’t read a children’s book in my car, GET THE FUCK OUT!”

    • Because the American illustrator’s early drawings are exactly reflective of the intended audience. Come on now. And if you’re going by cover art as somehow being even remotely indicative of the contents’ maturity level, I suppose the latter four books’ American covers make this an even more absurd comment by its own broken logic.

      • There we have an honest representation of the series’ intentions. Haven’t seen the latter four American covers, but disguising the content doesn’t change it.

      • HP is for kids. But kids of the United Kingdom who are in general capable of more intelligent, mature, and interesting stories than the US gives its own children credit for.

        (Which leads to us growing up kind of stupid and watching Fox news…)

        So is Doctor Who and its still absolutely brilliant sci fi/fantasy television.

        Some things might be intended for youth but still worthwhile to any adult with a soul who cares more for life than just getting laid, drunk, and acting like pro sports on TV matters.

        You know, like some of the games on this website, many of which are practically enshrined?

    • Holy crap… you mean I’ve actually beaten a Tomm Hulett DS game and I didn’t know it? I didn’t think I had it in me.

      (Not the bonus levels though.)

  5. “Outside of those limited instances, it’s an ADHD-fueled exercise in dartboard game design.” Hit the nail right on the head, and those words sum up probably the majority of games Rare has ever made. No, wait, almost all of them except maybe Goldeneye and Nuts and Bolts…..on second thought just Goldeneye.

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