GSQ5: Zippa zoom

Man, today sure streaked by at breakneck speeds. So, I didn’t have time to put together a promo image for this evening’s repurposed content… but that’s OK, since it’s just a chapter intro from GSQ5: required for completeness, but hardly anything to get worked up about.

In more interesting news, the latest episode of the latest iteration of the 1UP Friday podcast is now up. Er, I say “more interesting,” but I don’t know if people still listen to podcasts these days, and I can’t blame you if you don’t because honestly they’re not usually very good. That being said, Games, Dammit! has already become my favorite podcast participation experience (outside of our Retronauts PAX panels) simply because it’s so diametrically different from where 1UP’s Friday show began. It’s still four dudes sitting around talking about the week’s video game news, but none of us particularly think that forced debate and strawman arguments makes for “good radio.” Heck, half the participants don’t even keep up with current releases. Probably half the air time is spent on random side diversions.

In fact, my main role on the show seems to have become “distracting color commentary leading to discussion of random foods or old movies,” which I think annoys Frank to no end, though he’s a good sport about it. I actually hated being on the show the first week, because my efforts to bring some discussion of import/RPG obscurities to the mix fell flat and elicited no discussion whatsoever. But after that, I re-calibrated my attitude to “don’t give a crap,” and the whole thing became a lot more enjoyable. I have no idea if that makes for good listening, but at least the recording sessions are fun. I wonder if perhaps Retronauts would have turned out better if I’d been more apathetic about it, too? I guess we’ll never know.

P.S.: Subscribers, I’ve just finished up a 12-page treatise on Final Fantasy VI, and with it the next bonus book. I need to dummy up a placeholder cover, but as soon as that’s done I’ll be submitting this latest book for proofs. I just might be able to get these dudes out by year’s end! So please let me know ASAP of any changes of address since last time… especially those of you whose addresses turned out to be $1.60 of wasted postage last time (coughcoughshivamcough).

9 thoughts on “GSQ5: Zippa zoom

  1. Much love for Garnett, but his penchant for debate on 1UP Yours/4 Guys felt a bit forced sometimes. You don’t have to argue minutiae to make the hosts seem smart about games. We KNOW you’re smart about games, so let the discussion flow naturally. If it turns into a debate, let both sides say their piece and move on to something else before it devolves into pedantry.

    Also I have to give props to Scooter for stepping up to the hosting chair and polishing up his elocution accordingly. I had my doubts at first, but he’s proving himself more than capable of running the 1UP flagship podcast.

    • Scooter is getting much better, but there’s still room for improvement. There’s no doubt he’s intelligent, but when he gets excited and starts mushing words, and even whole sentences, it annoys me when I have to rewind a few times just to get what he’s saying.

      Ray was my favorite host, and I was a fan of his during Retronauts, though he was known as the quiet one. He always said these little one liners that made me smile the entire show.

  2. I haven’t been listening to the new show since I’ve been bummed about losing In This Thread, but if you and Frank are on it I’ll give it a listen.

  3. I haven’t listened to it YET, but IN GENERAL “don’t give a crap” and random asides are the key ingredients to the podcasts I love the most. Looking forward to it.

  4. Totally stoked about the next subscriber book. Do you want us to e-mail you any address changes or pm them to you via Talking Time?

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