Crappy Airport Comix Vol. 1

Please pardon the total jankiness of this post. It is a cartoon drawn on the back of an airplane boarding pass, photographed via iPhone, and posted from same. That excuses the poor quality of the image, if not the poor content of the comic itself.

8 thoughts on “Crappy Airport Comix Vol. 1

      • I’m pretty sure this is just an effect of Kate Beaton’s having completely subsumed the internet geek mind-space for “irreverent ‘toons of historical figures”. No worries. I chuckled!

  1. Do we really want to be giving Kate Beaton the exclusive right to make fun of history in comic form? She is only one woman and there’s an awful lot of history.

  2. This reminds me of when I was in Scotland. We were walking by a pub, and they had just kicked a older drunk patron out of the bar. I distinctly remember him yelling, “I’ll cut yer bloody head off!” The bouncer replies, “With what?” And the comeback, “With me sword!” Never mind that he clearly didn’t have one.

    Clearly, this dude was sauced. We kept walking. Quickly.

  3. Looks like ol’ Miss Frizzle has had a few too many. One would have to drink to put up with that Arnold character though.

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