GSQ5: Metal storm!?

Metal Storm is rad. I bought a used copy of this game from a Putt-Putt mini-golf shop during a weird temporary phase where they supplemented their arcade games with a pay-to-play console section. That was also the only time I ever saw Bonk’s Adventure in the wild prior to Virtual Console and visiting Akihabara, because growing up I did not know a single human being who owned a TurboGrafx-16. Do you care about any of this? No! So just read about Metal Storm already, sheesh.

9 thoughts on “GSQ5: Metal storm!?

  1. You’ve seen an actual TurboGrafx-16? I thought those things only existed in catalogs and video game magazines when I was a kid.

    Anyway, Metal Storm’s another one of those games I’m ashamed of never playing even though I probably had the chance. I should try that sometime.

  2. Metal Storm always looked like one of the more fun NES games I never got a chance to play. I’d love to see a downloadable update/remake someday.

  3. I had a Turbografx with Bonk’s Adventure and Keith Courage. my mom got it for me at FEDCO after I pleaded with her. It gave me a several months of entertainment before I realized my grievous error and traded it into a local game store for credit towards a SNES.

    My friends and I have a Turbografx from an old job we had. I could have gotten the portable one at that time, but decided to trash it or something. As you can see, I was no in a collecting mood.

    But I digress. My only history with Metal Storm was when I copied the character design from an ad in order to put it into my picture book project in 5th grade. I also copied art from The Adventures of Gamepro comics and ads from Gargoyle’s Quest, Splatterhouse, and Flying Warriors. It was a strange amalgamation to be sure. I found the book last year and had a good laugh. I still have it on my shelf. All 8 pages of it.

  4. Metal Storm was always a fun game to watch. It’s very fluid, and the stages are always throwing amusing “gotcha!” enemies or fun tricks at you. Still have the cart after all these years…

    The second quest is hard! My brother beat it, but I never did.

  5. Metal Storm is my favorite NES game, so it’s nice to see it pop up here! Hell, it’s nice to see it pop up ANYWHERE. I think it’s still one of the tightest, smartest platformers I’ve ever played.

    It’s also worth noting that in the Famicom version, the in-game mech DID match the box. They changed it Char Aznable Salmon in the US for what I’m sure is some valid technical reason.

  6. Oh wow! I had completely forgotten about Metal Storm, but as soon as I saw the screenshots I was hit by a flood of happy childhood memories. Thanks for reminding me about this awesome game!

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