GSQ6: Challenge of the Arinos

I think it’s customary for any mention of Retro Game Challenge on the Internet to be accompanied by lamentations of Xseed’s decision not to localize the sequel. And that’s a fair enough complaint. But my greatest disappointment about this otherwise fantastic game is that Bandai Namco never bothered to turn Haggle Man 3 into a full-sized game. Three levels just isn’t enough for such an exquisite faux-late-NES facsimile.

11 thoughts on “GSQ6: Challenge of the Arinos

  1. Haggleman 3 is awesome, but the first two were seriously tedious and boring.

    Man, I would really like to play a localized version of the sequel.

  2. Does anyone know if there’s some kind of warning in the manual about not deviating from the game’s strict pace and structure? When I tried this out for the first time I made the mistake of playing each game to the end when first unlocked, only to find out later that the game penalized me by not recognizing my progress. When I realized I would have to beat each game all over again, I never picked it up again. I would have been really pissed if I had payed for it.

  3. I really should pick this up again sometime, I never reached Haggle Man 3 because I found that Guadia Quest rather boring

  4. Absolutely incredible game. While a few of the games are hit-or-miss (I didn’t much enjoy the racer, and the first two Haggleman games are decent but uninspired), the rest are top-notch stuff.

    Seriously, Guadia Quest alone is enough to make it worthwhile, and the addition of Star Prince and Haggleman 3? Sweet. And am I the only one that thinks Haggleman 3 seems a bit like TMNT 3 on Game Boy?

    It’s really too bad the second one didn’t get localized. The kung-fu game in there seemed pretty decent, and for some reason I _really_ enjoyed Wiz-Man, despite not liking most games of its ilk. I hit the language barrier at the text adventure and stopped playing. Someone needs to do a fan translation, stat!

  5. Man, I love this game soooo much (as well as the Game Center CX show). Guadia Quest was great, and contrary to what seems to be the norm in the comments, I loved the first two arcadey Haggleman games actually. I imported the second one, and while the retro games are fun, it loses so so much not being able to read the comments by Arino or flip through the magazines. It’s a bit bittersweet playing it.

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