GSQ4: Sprawling darkness

Noir in Gaming, Pt. 2

The second part of Wesley Fenlon’s Noir in Gaming trilogy is up tonight. This part is my favorite, because it dwells quite a bit on Neuromancer and makes me want to play a heck of a lot of Shadowrun. Also, it gives me an excuse to use artwork from Max Payne 2, which is inexplicably tasteful and stylish for video game art. Come on, rest of the industry, class it up a little, will ya?

One more article and we’ll be done posting GameSpite Quarterly 4 content! Just in time for us to begin work in earnest on GSQ7. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “GSQ4: Sprawling darkness

  1. Great piece(s). Shadowrun is one of those games, much like River City Ransom, that I loved so much originally that I just assumed everyone was playing it. And while the article is quite right that the point-and-click style interface is clunky, to say the least, it should not stop anyone from giving the game a go. Also, I really have to play Snatcher some day, apparently.

  2. As nice as the art for Max Payne 2 was, it was marred by the words “MAX PAYNE 2: THE FALL OF MAX PAYNE: A FILM NOIR LOVE STORY” accompanying it everywhere.

    I can’t wait for Final Fantasy XVI: The Tale of Final Fantasy: An Epic Fantasy Role-Playing Story.

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