GSQ3: The darkening

Believe it or not, I’m finished copy editing GameSpite Quarterly 6. I guess it’s not such an overwhelming project when it’s 240 pages rather than 440, eh? I still need to apply said corrections to the book, but it’s good to have the bulk of the work out of the way.

Today’s post brings us the first part of Wesley Fenlon’s series (ongoing series?) on noir-flavored games. I really should have posted this yesterday, since the feature touches on Grim Fandango, which borrows some of its aesthetics from figurines designed to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead, which was yesterday. See, I told you guys I don’t plan this stuff. Sometimes the coincidences work out, sometimes I blow it. Heartbreaking.

The article’s pretty great, though. You should totally read it.

One thought on “GSQ3: The darkening

  1. Damn, it’s always nice and great to read about Fandango. One of the best games ever – wish you wrote an article about it one day, just about it. That way, you know, this blog runs – not just a summary of the plot, but something deeper :)

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