GSQ6: Sneaking a preview

Hello, kids! GameSpite Quarterly 6 is in that mysterious limbo between “uploaded for a test printing” and “back in my hands for proofing,” which means it’ll be finished and ready in about two weeks. And that’s nice. So I figured you folks might like a chance to get a taste of the next issue, including the first 15 pages of content (entries 50 through 40 — the tiny, bite-sized entries that are much smaller than entries 39 through 1).

Looking at it, this is a lot of stuff to read for a mere preview. Maybe you should bookmark it for later or something. Thumb through it on your iPhone next time you’re camped out on the can, I dunno.

24 thoughts on “GSQ6: Sneaking a preview

  1. Demon’s Crest made the list! Awesome. I’m looking forward to getting this book. (And I just got the NES one. You all are spoiling me.)

  2. Good reads all around, even though I was already reserved to give up my money the moment I was pondering my choices in the forum poll.

    Also let me be the first to say that the cover is amazing.

  3. I’m as excited about this as I was for the top 50 book a year ago. I cannot wait to read the Deadly Premonition and EDF 2017 articles.

  4. * rote comments about how games X, Y, and Z are in no way underappreciated, what kind of drivel are you pushing, et cetera et cetera *

    I was going to ask if some of these articles were longer but then I bothered to read the actual post, and it turns out they are! So, uh, looking forward to those! (also, while I’m sure these are not ranked in any way, seeing Legend of Mana at number 1 warms my heart)

  5. I really sort of figured the reverse numeration would settle any lingering doubts about that, but yeah.

  6. Happy and rather suprised that Riviera The Promised Land made it. Bully for Mega Man X8 and TWEWY too. I’m going to need to buy some of these games in the future (Alundra may be one of the earlier ones, after all, it’s $6 on PSN!)

  7. Thank. I’m gonna enjoy reading these soon.

    So, for GameSpite Quarterly 7, I’m thinking instead of talking and saying good things about games, why not make it about the failings of certain game titles, or the disappointments in certain entries of highly regarded franchise? The Devil May Cry 2s and the Yoshi Stories of the gameworld. Heck, it’s possible to write the whole book about SEGA alone.

  8. As always, the books will be available indefinitely, so there is no need to feel rushed to buy any of them.

  9. * rote comments about how the game I would have voted for if I had bothered to take part isn’t on the list (Interstate ’76.. which I assume was underappreciated anyway) *

    Looks like a good list! Can’t wait to read it.. and find a few more back catalogue games to look up. Chuffed to see DK ’94 in there, that was the first game I bought with my own cashmonies.

  10. Woohoo, Legend of Mana at Number 1! Although to be honest, I’ve got a bit of trepidation that Parish is writing the entry, since he’s always more interested in discussing game mechanics and I don’t think that’s where the game’s strengths lie. I remember Legend of Mana fondly for its lovely vignettes, surprisingly affecting story arcs, and unmatched visuals and music. I think Parish thinks those things are all kind of ancillary to a good game, I hope they get their due! I’m sure it’ll be a well-written entry, I was just kinda hoping someone would blather on about the awesome encyclopedia.

    Anyways, I’ll stop unfairly prejudging and just say the entries so far are great and I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

  11. Great list.

    Thought I might as well point out something wrong with one of the game titles on the list. Don’t know if it’s just an with the posted list or would also be present in the book.

    Anyways, my memory did a quick fact check and a follow-up on on Wikipedia seems to confirm that game number 26, “E.V.O.: Quest for Eden” had the subtitle “Search of Eden” in the US.

    It’s a game a revisit now and again and have fond memories of; so I thought I might as well speak up.

  12. Isn’t Legend Of Mana a Kawazu game though? I thought all of his games had an incredible series of arcane game mechanics that can be a bit obtuse at times. That may not be the case for Legend Of Mana, but that’s generally how I approach Kawazu games.

  13. I’m really psyched about this issue. You’ve got a lot of games on your list I’ve been itching to hear someone deconstruct. I was worried when you said you were going to do a list of “underrated” for fear of what would be misclassified, but boy did you not disappoint. Good show as always, Mr. Parish.

  14. Don’t praise me — it was the fine folks of Talking Time who made these selections. I am simply the vessel.

  15. What, no Live A Live? Good to see Escape Velocity and EVO, though. I learned pretty much everything you need to know about evolution from that one.

  16. I like the list. Only game that I’ve played on the list that I disagree with is FF Tactics Advance which I stopped playing because the interface was absolutely horrid (any game that doesn’t show you stat changes when buying new equipment in this day and age can go die) and it was basically a bit crap and I really regretted the 20+ hours I sunk into it. Still I’m actually looking forward to reading why it’s on the list!

  17. “any game that doesn’t show you stat changes when buying new equipment in this day and age can go die”

    All you got to do is hit Start.

  18. Nice list, though I’m still cheesed at the lack of Castlevania. What, is Symphony the only universally respected game here too?

    4 Swords dudes resemble Finn from Adventure Time, btw.

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