GSQ5: You toob

Today’s guaranteed October NES update brings a piece on Tengen’s port of Atari’s Toobin’, which… uh, well, I’ve never actually played. I don’t think I ever even saw this for sale or rent or sale back in the day. But I sat in on a podcast with the guy who programmed it, and that was pretty great. So rock on, Toobin’. You made for a fascinating afternoon at work.

Once you’ve read this little nugget of retrospection, I sincerely encourage you to check out the ultimate (as in final part of this series — I think) 1UP feature Frank posted today on the NES’s launch according to the people who made it happen. He spent weeks putting this together, and it’s absolutely the most interesting and informative thing anyone has written about the NES’s arrival in America since Game Over. Seriously, read it.

8 thoughts on “GSQ5: You toob

  1. That’s quite the pun.

    You never played this in the arcade? The NES port was nowhere near as spectacular as the original. This was another game I harassed my friend to rent only to have him be pissed off by the content.

    Also, I think the Tengen episode of Retronauts was pretty spectacular – really interesting getting all those guys into one room.

  2. Not really a great game, but it has the special honor of being my non-gaming mom’s favorite NES game behind Tetris and Dr. Mario. Weird.

    I thought another NES retrospective would be kinda boring and derivative, but between 1UP’s interesting features and the daily updates here, it’s been an enjoyable look back. So, keep it up.

    Also, keep up those puns.

  3. That article really was fantastic. Frank did a great job on it, and most of it was most certainly not in Game Over.

  4. i think the tengen episode is one of the high water marks of retronauts, and something i wish had been possible more often (though i completely understand how difficult setting that kind of thing up must be).

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