GSQ5: The space between the spaces

Today’s post is one of the dry, unexciting chapter intros — the verbal equipment of a tendon. Not the sexy, glamorous part of the book, but it keeps everything together. As a small bonus, if you read all the chapter intros in succession, you get a big-picture view of the NES’s life span. But it’s the details that are exciting!

Sorry, I’m not doing a good job of selling this, am I?

Elsewhere, the final episode of Retronauts went online today. I thought I would feel relieved to have it behind me, or happy to have produced so much material and brought it to a sort of closure, but for some reason I’m not. Mostly I’m just sad that I’ve invested so much time into a project that I can’t take pride in, that never came out the way I wanted, and that was only ever worthwhile because of what other people brought to the show. I have a face for radio and a voice for print, I guess!

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  1. Such a cruel irony – the host of Retronauts is the only person who doesn’t like Retronauts. I’ll miss the show, Jeremy.

  2. Parish is so into self-criticism, you’d think he’d been a Soviet Communist in a former life.

  3. Jeremy, brother, I’ve followed dozens of excellent radio shows and podcasts over the years and Retronauts is top echelon. I learned as much and was turned on to more new, wonderful experiences listening to you guys reminisce than anything on NPR, let alone any other gaming podcasts. End the show if it must be so, but your efforts weren’t in vain. It’s sad to hear you take no pride in such a unique, timeless body of work.

  4. Jeremy, I really wish you would reconsider. I enjoy listening to you and the rest of the crew talk about old video games, and I even enjoy the tangents that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. That’s actually what makes podcasts so great. The unscripted conversational nature of Retronauts actually made it all the more entertaining for me, and I really am sad to see it end.

  5. Such a gloomy gus!

    Anyway, thanks for sticking with it all this time even though you were so unhappy with it. I enjoyed it quite a bit over the years. Good luck on your future projects!

  6. I think that no matter how great the articles you write are, or how awesome the video features you put together are, your shining memory and contribution to the gaming media industry will be Retronauts. I am upset to hear that you really didn’t enjoy hosting the show and that you are not pleased with the end result. I am putting off listening to the final episode until I have enough time free from distractions and interruptions to give Retronauts the final send off it so greatly deserves.

    Even though it wasn’t something you enjoyed, Thank you very much for 99 excellent episodes. I appreciate it.

  7. Someone said it best on the forums (I’m paraphrasing): “Parish, one of these days you’re going to have to accept the fact that what you do is good and other people like what you do.”

  8. @ Parish

    Few things ever go exactly the way they were initially planned and harshest critic is typically oneself. One thing that has become clear over the past month or so from the throngs of comments (on this site and others such as 1Up and even in other podcasts) that there are many people that enjoy the podcast. The fact that you created something that is enjoyed by many should bring great satisfaction (or at least some satisfaction).

    Anyways, thanks for the excellent podcast. I’ve truly enjoyed the show over these past 5 years or so and will miss it now that its run has concluded. The good thing with a retro podcast is that the material is timeless, unlike a current events podcast. I’ve got all of the shows saved, so I guess I’ll just go back and start from the beginning again.

  9. As for the “voice for print” issue, I’ve yet to meet anyone (outside of possibly a few self-important asses) who actually enjoys listening to the sound of their own voice recorded. I’m resigned to the fact that if a lot of other people don’t think it’s ear-grating, then it’s probably good enough. (Granted, I haven’t yet had the gumption to listen to the episode of Cast At Demonhead *I* was on, so I’m not one to talk.)

    Aside from that, I’m totally jealous of all those pixelated Mario bottle caps.

  10. Retronauts is my favourite podcast ever bar none and it’smy favourite by a a huge gulf. Trying to find podcasts now to fill the void and there’s nothing of retronauts quality. I’m in late every night writing a phd thesis and the one thing keeping me going is that I have retronauts on the radio for the drive home to look forward to. It may not have been the way you envisioned it but someday you’ll look back at it and realise how great the thing was you created.

  11. First, another thanks to you, and your nimble crew, for Retronauts. As a day-one listener there is no question this has been my favorite podcast, bar none.

    We know there is no changing Jeremy ‘don’t-call-me-Oscar-the-grouch’ Parish’s what-if attitude, but I implore you to reflect on what *was* put to tape, and the huge impact and broad scope the show had. If one could measure it, map it, you’d be surprised how far reaching it was, PAX alone is an indicator of that. And forget pride, but rather be proud of this accomplishment, we’re all proud of you!

  12. I listen to many, many podcasts. Most of them are just something I’m desperate to listen to because I need some kind of company on my drives or at my job. But I looked forward to Retronauts every single time. It was, without a doubt, the best podcast I’ve ever heard. I’m thinking of doing “Retronauts Retrospective” over on my 1up blog where I listen to every available episode and reflect on what made them all so excellent, so incredibly superior to any other podcast. Having it end has been terribly depressing, sadly, as it’s like losing friends who kept me company during my time at work. Indeed, the first commenter is correct – only the host of Retronauts didn’t like Retronauts. Perhaps the real solution is to keep the podcast going under new management? Certainly the new “video” shows are a huge letdown compared to what the podcast provided – genuine camaraderie between knowledgeable people who made listeners reminisce, laugh and smile. It’s something no other podcast has. Long live “Retronauts” in reruns. It’ll be missed for years to come.

  13. I’ve discovered that I don’t really like podcasts, but I love Retronauts. Thank you, Jeremy.

  14. Retronauts was the only gaming podcast I listen to. I’m not sure what your original idea for the show was but what it became was great. Sometimes we have to be OK with things developing organically and letting momentum guide our creative process.
    In any case it was a good run and I hate to see it end.

  15. I can think of at least two good episodes of Retronauts. Maybe I was on three, but at least two.

    Kidding aside, Retronauts was aces. I will miss it.

  16. Come on, people. Frank, critical self-appraisal is not shorthand for “talk me off the ledge.” I appreciate the sentiment, but that’s really not the point.

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