Kit-Kat Gaiden: Kit-Kat Senses

Japan does some pretty interesting things with Kit-Kats — and sometimes some pretty weird things — but Europe seems more interested in foregoing the wackiness and simply making them rad.

Meet Kit-Kat Senses, contributed to the cause by coworker Thierry Nguyen after a recent trip to… somewhere in Europe. Prague? London? I can’t remember. In any case, he brought me back a Senses bar. It’s slightly the worse for the wear after its travels, but it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a European version of Kit-Kat. Better chocolate than the American and Japanese bars, a slightly smaller size, and — oh yes — lots of hazelnut.

It might actually be the best Kit-Kat I’ve eaten to date.

As you can see, Kit-Kat Senses more or less ignores the fundamental laws of Kit-Kat. You cannot break me off a piece of this Kit-Kat bar, because it is not a collection of long horizontal cookie strips sandwiched with crème and robed in chocolate. No! It’s more like a Kinder, or maybe a Cadbury Caramello, or some other distinctly European chocolate bar. Five dome-like chocolates in a line, technically separable… but not ideally so.

So, here’s how it works. The basic bar is one Kit-Kat wafer, about 50% longer and twice as wide as a single wafer in a standard bar. What makes this one different than anything I’ve imported from Japan is the way the domes are layered on top of the single wafer. Inside each dome is a delicious hazelnut cream. It’s like eating a chocolately hunk of Nutella with sugar wafers inside.

It is delicious. There’s nothing especially fancy or surprising about Kit-Kat Senses; it’s totally a bog-standard European interpretation of the brand. But it works! Europe is the old country, a land of tradition and classics. They didn’t reinvent the wheel or do anything radical here; they merely took an American invention, refined it with a classical twist, and in the process made it wonderful.

Dear Europe: please send me more of these bars. Many, many more. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Kit-Kat Gaiden: Kit-Kat Senses

  1. You can get those in Canada, too, although I don’t know if the chocolate will be as good. Apparently Canadian Kit-Kats are yet another different formulation of the bar so who knows what’s going on up here (I prefer Coffee Crisp).

  2. “they merely took an American invention”

    Kit-Kat was invented in 1935 by Rowntrees in northern England. Its as English to us as Apple Pie is to Americans (which is also an English invention lol)

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  3. Yes, as the above poster says, they’re in Canada also so it might be easier to get your hands on them than you think.

    Maybe the next time someone you work with needs to go to Relic, or something…?

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