GSQ5: Point and click (to shoot)

Duck Hunt
Well, it’s Duck Hunt. I presume I don’t have to explain this one to you. It’s about ducks. Bad ducks, ducks gone wrong. Ducks who deserve to be shot out of the sky, for justice. Please look forward to the spiritual successor, “Criminal Ducks” (wherein you punish naughty ducks with spankings), coming soon to you from Nippon Ichi. Anyway, this one’s Duck Hunt. The end.

10 thoughts on “GSQ5: Point and click (to shoot)

  1. Now, now, Parish, be realistic.

    You would punish naughty duck girls with spankings in a Nippon Ichi game.

  2. It’s surely proof that I’ve been on the internet too long when I can easily imagine exactly what the naughty duck girls game would look like.

  3. I know it’s just shooting ducks (Unless you play Game “C is for Crappy Ol’ Clay), but I still love this ‘lil game that occupies the other half of my SMB cart. Especially because of that asshole dog that loves laughing at your inevitable failure.

    It’s criminal this isn’t on Virtual Console or WiiWare somehow, but I’ve got a FamiClone, an orange Zapper, and more than one TV it’s still compatible with. Looks like duck hunting season might start again a few minutes from now. ^_^

  4. I always thought the sound effects were really cool for an NES game from 1984. The ducks “wack”‘s, the “diving WW2 airplane” sound as they plummet, and the “thud” (“splat”?) when they hit the ground. I also like the swift timing as the dog pops up holding the duck(s). The short stage intro jingle is also catchy. Oh yes, the laughing dog.

  5. Since every Duck Hunt article in existence makes the dog’s laughter a focal point, I decided to skip it entirely.

    Also, if Parish’s comments about “bad ducks” is true, then I’m going to kick myself for not mentioning this game is clearly Nintendo pushing its conservative agenda on the masses.

  6. I like how you can actually aim using the little Zapper sight on the top of the gun’s barrel. Kinda like a real firearm.

  7. Other than trademark issues there really isn’t a reason why Nintendo has more or less abandoned this game.

    But yet every 3rd party whore on the Wii has a “Duck Hunt”.

  8. Since every Duck Hunt article in existence makes the dog’s laughter a focal point, I decided to skip it entirely.

    Yep, I understand that, and your article’s all the better for not referencing that thing everyone’s already referenced. There’s more than enough websites and videos on the Internet with the dog laughing, anyway.

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