The 2nd TGS-day

Hello, humans. I have completed the second day of TGS 2010, and I have seen everything I needed to write about. Except Shiren the Wanderer 5; for some reason, its line was the longest I’ve encountered and I didn’t have time to wait around. Not that there’s too much I’d have been able to say about a Japanese roguelike based on a five-minute show demo. “I moved in a turn-based fashion and killed Mamels. Then I died from my own cockiness.” Yep. Anyway, here’s what’s up.

SaGa 3: Shadow or Light: Look upon its zero localization prospects, ye mighty, and despair!

Solatorobo: Man, this is so good. Pity it probably won’t be localized, either.

El Shaddai: I’m pretty sure this is the only article to come from TGS 2010 that drops two pointless knowledge bombs about the Old Testament per paragraph. Because I love you.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2: My cynicism has faded away.

Disgaea 4: Nippon Ichi is really digging deep into its fanbase with this one.

Ni No Kuni: I finally checked this out, and it was a lot less amazing than it has been hyped to me as. It’s still good! But I think people are so smitten by the Ghibli connection that they’re conflating the amazing graphics with amazing play mechanics. If you go into it expecting a very, very pretty traditional Japanese RPG, you will be pleased.

Lord of Arcana: Of course, this Monster Hunter clone makes Ni No Kuni look like a righteous upholder of pure innovation.

6 thoughts on “The 2nd TGS-day

  1. Eh. Saga 3 wasn’t really that good…

    Oh, wair. They’re going to make it good this time huh? Damnit.

  2. That sucks if Solatorobo doesn’t get localized. It looks great.

    I remember seeing Tail Concerto all the time at Babbages when I was younger and being intrigued by the art style.

  3. I have enough RPGs on my plate that I’m not going to lose sleep over SaGa 3 (though it is looking quite good), but man I really hope somebody picks up Solatorobo. That last trailer and Jeremy’s preview pretty much sold me, if I ever see it in English.

  4. “Eh. Saga 3 wasn’t really that good…”

    It was good enough to be remade into Chrono Trigger…Anyway, why not just re-title these games “Final Fantasy Legend” again? Why is that so damn tough? Who the hell cares if the first one didn’t get a remake, and it confuses people? It’s not like numerical order’s been an issue for American FF buyers before.

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