GSQ IV: Galactic pesticide

Space Empires IV
I’m sorry to admit that I have very little stamina when it comes to extremely involved simulation games. Nevertheless, I’m endlessly fascinated by their intricacy and scope, so I find experiential pieces about the genre absolutely captivating. That means that this article — yes, this one right here! — is pretty much the most satisfying way I could ever possibly experience Space Empires IV.

2 thoughts on “GSQ IV: Galactic pesticide

  1. Ah… I’ve never played this series, but I played Spaceward Ho! for a brief period of time, and it seems to be about the same game. You have me really missing it, now. I recall I’d only recently gotten into the Macross series at the time, and so had the irrational habit of occassionally blowing my budget making a ridiculous new flagship, each labeled SDF-#: [name here]. Never did I have a battle as epic as your own, but I do recall how tragic is was to me when I lost one of those flagships in a battle, and the special care I gave to archaic ships that were the sole survivors of their model, the rest of their fleet wiped out in a war many, many turns ago…

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