A final, quick reminder

Here is my final act of pimpage for GameSpite Quarterly 5. Today is the last day that Blurb is offering free shipping on books (coupon code SHIPPINGFREE), so if you were considering picking up a copy now would be the time to do it. Going by their typical patterns, it’ll be a couple of months before they have another offer like this.

Of course, if you weren’t planning to pick up a copy, that’s totally fine and we won’t take it personally. Money is a scarce resource these days. The book’s contents will make their way online soon enough, because information wants to be free… and opinion is worth even less than that.

11 thoughts on “A final, quick reminder

  1. Received mine this morning! Great stuff. I had to stop myself from just staying at home and reading it today. :P

  2. I placed my order a couple days ago. It is the first time I have bought a GS quarterly since the first one. I also picked up the second volume of “year one.” Have you ever stated sales figures for these things? I would be curious to see how many copies are floating around out there by now.

  3. Indeed I have just bought this, and the other quarterlies. I just found the site by the way and it looks like I’ve got a lot to catch up on! Huzzah!

  4. I took this opportunity to catch up on back issues. Now I just have to wait until my next trip back home before I can read them.

    Who knows? Maybe my in-laws will check them out in the interim and have their minds open to a new world of games as art!

  5. I got my copies of Quarterly 5 and Year One, Vol. 2 over the weekend. They look great! The dust jacket on the latter was a nice touch.

  6. Mine just arrived this afternoon. I didn’t realize how totally serious you were about the size of this one. Holy cow! This will last me a while. I can’t believe I got so much book for $20. I feel like I ripped you off. And on top of that, my cat is absolutely fascinated by the plastic bands FedEx used to reinforce the box. I couldn’t have bought her a toy she would enjoy more for any price. Thanks Jeremy!

  7. I ordered mine! Also Year 1 Vol. 2. Now I can read a book instead of the internet while not doing work at work. A much classier way to goof off. Also it’s more portable, so I can take it to cafes!

  8. Best. Purchase. Ever. I would, of course, have preferred lush, 8-10 page descriptions of every game, but this will certainly do.

  9. “Brevity is the soul of wit”

    I don’t think it would be easy for most to write 8-10 page descriptions about NES games and still be quality work.

  10. @Refa–Allow me to amend your quotation, I think it would be pithier as “Brevity is wit.” Sorry, my attempts at humor are lame indeed–as much as I would love to read a 10 page description of “8 Eyes,” or, say, “Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu,” I am cognizant of the limits of the form. It was meant as a bit of a joke, though a nod to the fact that despite the massive size of the book in question, I still wish it were even larger. Thanks!

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