Studio 54 is now Izakaya Go-Jyu Yon

Hi there, Spitesketeers. Tonight is another delicious dinner at Chef Ryan’s, also known as Studio 54. We’ve live blogged from here before, but tonight I’m trying something different: a dry run for next week’s PAX coverage.

I’m trying to determine whether or not it’s actually possible to liveblog an event using an iPad, up to and including grabbing photos with the little photo dongle thing. So bear with me.

Tonight’s menu is a pretty simple izakaya-style Japanese course, Ryan being of Japanese extraction and all. We also have a few other random things to snack on.

We have some sausages that Cat picked up at a Polish deli she photographed the other day, all freshly made and tasting of delicious smoked white meats. And of course the traditional Studio 54 gin and tonic, made with Tanqueray Rangpur.

I photographed the two together because they’re a good match, believe it or not. Smoked sausage doesn’t necessarily seem like the perfect match for a G&T, but the Rangpur has a great lime flavor that goes quite nicely with the pork.

And now it seems the egg omelets are ready for consumption, so I will let this test entry stand. OM NOM NOM NOM