Ys Seven is pretty great

I totally recommend you pick it up. The special edition is especially rad. It comes in a box that might even be bigger than GSQ5. Not as dense, though. No one’s ever gonna die of Ys Seven-induced blunt trauma.

The only problem? Gratuitous Symphony of the Night references. This meme is banned on Talking Time, so I guess that means we’re no longer allowed to talk about the game on the forums. Sorry.

14 thoughts on “Ys Seven is pretty great

  1. This is the fastest RPG I’ve ever seen. Even grinding is fun, although since it’s possible to skillfully avoid most attacks I may try to fight bosses at absurdly low levels ala The World Ends with You.

  2. Is it even recommended for someone who’s only played Ys 1 on the SMS? I’ve been meaning to get to the others, but the years just slip by.

  3. The problem for me is not picking up the game, which I’ve ordered, but picking up the PSP. EOIII is already setting me back $30, and with VC2 and the other Ys titles, I may have to wait until Christmas.

  4. everything on the (pc) ys 6 engine is equally fast paced and exciting. typical jrpg dressing sure, but at heart they’re ultimately action games. you really have to play oath in felghana when you get the chance, parish.

    it is some incomprehensible miracle that all of these games are being brought over.

  5. You do know that Ys 7 is built on an entirely different engine, right? Just making sure.

    Well, Oath In Felghana is getting published November, so he could get to play it if he was forced to review it.

    It is an incomprehinsible miracle indeed. I just hope we get the Legend Of Heroes games soon, because I haven’t heard anything about them. Hey, maybe if we’re lucky and they sell well, we can get Ys VS Sora No Kiseiki (spelled wrong) and Brandish Dark Revenant.

    And I got my copy of Ys 7 today! :)

  6. oh man, super happy that Oath is getting released here. I’ve wanted to play it for about 2 years. Started up Seven last night for a bit, and I love the graphics/style. They should redo Ark of Naphitism too :x

  7. Oath In Felghana and Origins were both built on the Naphistm engine. Unless you mean make Naphistm in the style of Ys 7, but it’s way too soon for that game to be remade. If anything, I’d like a remake of Ys IV in the style of Ys 7 (or even Ys V).

  8. Is a 1UP review incoming? Seems kind of weird not having one. I just happened to be on Metacritic last night and the overall score was surprisingly low, with very few reviews. Guess that’s mainstream games press values for you..

  9. Damn them and their Ys Seven hate. :) But seriously, everyone on the forums and the nets that have played it that I know about (wow, runon sentence, not going to fix) really enjoyed it. Why the mainstream hate? Do these guys just hate Ys (not as in a bias, but more of the concept)?

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