GSQ5: Brother from a foreign mother

GSQ5: Famicom: The Older Brother from Japan
Holy crap, dudes, I just got an email from Blurb advertising free shipping for the next two weeks. What timing! So, I am going to do everything within my power to get this book ready within the next couple of days so that anyone interested in picking up a copy of our NES anniversary retrospective can do so at cover price. In the meantime, here is the first article. Hoorah.
You’ll note that this issue is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the NES, meaning the book is focused entirely on the U.S.-based experience. Today’s posting is one of the very few articles that ventures beyond our borders to dwell on the system’s life outside North America. Just to make that clear.

(Incidentally, the coupon code you’ll want to remember for a few days from now is “SHIPPINGFREE”) Never mind, I didn’t read the fine print — it’s only good for the person who created the book. Eat a bag of hell, Blurb.

Edit again: Well, some people are saying the code does work. So hang on to that info and hope for the best, I suppose.

19 thoughts on “GSQ5: Brother from a foreign mother

  1. Not to nitpick, but why don’t you just contact a print house and work out a deal with them instead of dealing with a vanity press outlet like Blurb.

    It’d be win/win.

  2. Yes, the pictures are gorgeous. I hope they look half as nice in black and white/in print. (I’ll wait to devour the text when I get a hardcopy of the book in my hands.)

  3. Hey Jeremy, I didn’t read the small print & entered the coupon code & it still gave me the discount.

  4. I tried the code on the Year 2 book and it gave me free shipping. So I hope it works for others, regardless of what the fine print says.

  5. I will verify that the code does work on the year 2 book. Was waiting for GSPQ5 to buy this one, so as to save on shipping, but now I don’t need to do that!

  6. Are you still going to do everything within your power to get this book ready within the next couple of days so that anyone interested in picking up a copy of the NES anniversary retrospective can possibly do so at cover price?

  7. Yeah, but mostly just because the vastness of this project is starting to wear on me and I’d like to have some free time again before I’m hit with PAX/TGS.

  8. Kid Icarus also had that merchant trick where you could shout into the microphone and he would either reduce or jack up the prices. This was replaced by the 2nd controller input combo in the NES version.

  9. I thought I had maybe read too many NES (or Famicom) retrospectives, especially the features you worked on at 1up… but man, this looks fantastic. I’m quite sure I’ll buy it when the time comes.

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